Underwater Ice Fishing Camera

Underwater camera is a great tool for ice fishing! Underwater ice fishing cameras are not very expensive. Prices range from $ 50. At that price, every winter fisherman can afford to look under the ice and record the underwater video of fish life!

The best advice for ice fishing – read the manual in the house!

When we have a new fishing equipment, we want to just try it. But we forget to read the instructions! Believe me, it’s better to spend one hour reading the manual than a day of fishing on troubleshooting. Learn the features of underwater camera and try it in the bathroom. Only then begin to read ice fishing tips, advice and reviews of underwater ice fishing cameras. You will be given many tips and you’ll find lots of information about models, prices, pros and cons … But the only personal experience will make you successful ice fisherman! Someone breaks an expensive fishing equipment, and someone gets a good catch with cheap fishing accessories! Most importantly, personal experience!

Underwater ice fishing camera is a good scout!

Remember, do not make unnecessary movements as long as you do not drill the ice and make sure that the chosen location is good. Turn the camera, note that may attract fish. You may not see the fish. It’s not the point. You should make sure that the location chosen is correct. If there are weeds, how they look? The bottom level or with cavities? This is a simple way to save time and find a place rich in fish. Many unlucky fishermen forget that underwater ice fishing camera first need to exploration. Although … If you love family videos, do some underwater video. But this is best done in warm latitudes. Somewhere in Florida.

Watch how the fish react to the bait!

Once you have found a fish place, drill another hole for underwater cameras. Usually it is done at 30-50 inches from the main hole. This will allow you to observe how different species of fish react to the lure or bait. This is a great way to choose the right tactics of catching a particular fish species. But do not forget this. If your underwater camera made in the form of clown fish, do not be surprised that you left without good fishing. Still, the clown fish is relevant to Florida. I am afraid that the big fish of Canadian and American lakes do not understand you!

Hide the underwater camera from the fish!

I specifically mentioned the clown fish. The fact that many species of fish are very shy. To hide the camera, you need to install it vertically above the bait. To do this you will need to drill a hole a little bigger. Exactly enough to mount the camera vertically. Additional attachments may be required if your camera is intended only for horizontal review. Therefore when buying any heaped camera for underwater hunting, pay attention to it. Otherwise, the Florida and clown fish. Well, you understand.

We will publish an article on ice fishing during winter 2012-2013. We will continue to talk about the underwater camera for ice fishing. We make a small review of specific models of cameras that loved us.

Good luck!