Geek community Great Fishing Rod Holders

So we call our little fishing geek community. Me and my friends. Because nothing else we can not do. What more can I say? Ordinary holders for fishing rods!

So. Jokes aside. What we know about the fishing rod holders?

They are made of metal, plastic and wood. They may be cheap, or can be devilishly expensive. They attach to the simple boats, canoes and kayaks. They are stuck into the clay banks or in the crevices between the stones. Those damn holders are broken, cracked, bent, get lost. Cases may be different.

One thing remains unchanged. If you once used a fishing rod holder, you’ll do it forever. Until the fish and have fun!

But it’s not all!

There are some guys who carry a rack for fishing rods. I do not understand this! Imagine – rod rack for truck! However, far more guys who leave these racks for fishing rods in the garage or house. So in fact it is correct! It is best to go on a fishing trip without wife, mobile phone and the damn rack!

Simply put, forget all that anyone you talk about real fishing and fishermen. The beauty is that one does not get you to talk. No one points out how to dress and what car to drive. You can go fishing on a bicycle! A fish does not talk as you know.

On this site we will talk about fishing, the fishing gear and equipment. About all that can be helpful. We will share our experiences and fishing research. I think it will be interesting. Join now!